You know you’re from Manchester when you remember…

You know you’re from Manchester when you remember…..

…..that Manchester Central was called the G-Mex. And still is.

… had to go to Blackpool to get on a tram.

…..The Odeon Cinema on Oxford Street.

…..baggy jeans, tie-dye tops and bucket hats were all the rage.

……Boddington’s Bitter – The Cream Of Manchester.

…..Oasis wasn’t a fruit based juice drink but a group of rock and roll stars from Burnage.

…..when West Didsbury was called Withington.

…..a one hour trip to Spike Island seemed like a long haul holiday of a lifetime to the Isle of Fernando’s; and was just as pleasurable.

…..The Hacienda wasn’t a block of flats but a coming together of Manchester musical legends.

…..Deansgate Locks and Castlefield were a great night out.

…..Fab Cafe. It may well have been fabulous but there wasn’t an overpriced espresso macchiato in sight.

…..normal, working class people were allowed entry into 5th Ave and 42s without student ID.

…..ordering a pair of s(hooters) in Teasers.

…..when Spinningfields resembled a derelict shopping arcade from the 70s (not very long ago that).

…..that a closing time kebab from Monsoon’s/Abdul’s on Oxford Road was the order of the night because Hunter’s rice and three hadn’t been invented yet.

…..that you had to get the night bus home because you spent your taxi money at Monsoon’s and were too inebriated to walk along the tram tracks, one stride apart.

…..going to one of many nightclubs: The Ritz, Jabez Clegg, Sankey’s, but you usually ended up in Royales stood taking a piss in between Nicky Butt and Ryan Giggs who had a game the next day.

…..when the Northern Quarter didn’t exist.

…..when Piccadilly Gardens were gardens.

…..if you wanted to watch a boxing fight, you didn’t go to the MEN; you went to Idol’s or Piccadilly 21s. Sometimes you could join in too.

… was shoes, pants and a shirt, or you weren’t getting in.

… pretended to be a copper or a jobbing actor to get in The Press Club then drank a crate of Red Stripe whilst trying to hobnob the cast of corrie.

…..the curry mile was the go-to (only) place for food.

…..tables were for dancing on, not eating off.

…..United were better than City and both didn’t have a cup to piss in.

…..some guy called Gerald.

Oh Manchester. So much to answer for.

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