Amie & The Eskimo

Like many others at this time of year, I have become inspired and often fascinated by the John Lewis Christmas adverts. I await them every year with increased anticipation. So this year, through a sense of intrigue and a lifelong ambition, I decided to write one.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it…..

John Lewis Christmas Advert – Amie & The Eskimo

Amie & The Eskimo

The advert is accompanied by the song “Eskimo” by Damien Rice. Play the following link while you read the story:

Amie is a young, lonely girl who has no friends at school. She lives at home with her mum.

The 1st day of December arrives. She walks to school and on the way, she puts a coin in the homeless man’s coffee cup. You can’t see his face as he has his head bowed and he wears a big Eskimo coat. His husky dog always lies by his side.

15th December. School is cancelled due to snow. All the kids are playing, building snowmen but Amie walks by and wanders off to put a coin in the homeless man’s cup.

Christmas Eve. Amie goes to church and prays for the homeless man. On the way home, she runs off from her mother to put a coin in the homeless man’s cup. Her mother tells her off for running away from her.

25th December – Christmas Day. Amie gets up before her mum and sneaks out of the house. She hands a Christmas card to the homeless man.

She returns home and opens the 25th day on her advent calendar to reveal a chocolate coin. She sits on her bed and begins to eat the coin; at the same time, the homeless man opens his card which reads “Happy Christmas Eskimo” with a chocolate coin sellotaped underneath. He takes out the chocolate, which he too begins to eat. For the first time, Eskimo reveals his face and a beaming smile.

The final scene is Amie sat on her bed. She looks up and there are two advent calendars side by side which have the names “Amie” and “Eskimo” written on them. Both of them have 25 open windows.

“I look to my Eskimo friend, when I’m down, down, down.”

Christmas is about giving and is a good time to think about those people who are less fortunate than ourselves.

Spare a thought this Christmas for all our Eskimo friends out there x

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