And On The Sixth Day has been borne out of two things…

One, is my love of language and the written word. With 15 years experience in a variety of marketing roles, it has always been coming up with new ideas and developing customer-centric communications which has given me the most pleasure. I’ve written copy for award winning campaigns through to web/blog content and white papers for businesses. Whatever your content needs, I’m here to help you.

Two, is quite simply, Manchester. Having lived in the city all of my life, I’ve seen many changes. I remember when you had to go to Blackpool to get on a tram; Oasis wasn’t a fruit based juice drink but a group of rock and roll stars from Burnage; Piccadilly Gardens were gardens; and Boddington’s Bitter was the Cream of Manchester.

But amongst the changes one thing has remained constant: Through good times and bad, and in spite of the incessant rain, Manchester has maintained a unique ability to carry on and to inspire thousands of people on a daily basis to work together, create and innovate.

And it’s this creative and collaborative spirit which means that I’ll work with you to produce what is right for you, your clients or your business. Wherever you’re located.

“This is the place. We sSELRES_589fb7d4-096d-4417-be01-fbd9bab659b1SELRES_9e123f9b-81d0-4ae9-b9e9-ef295428b8d4SELRES_9e123f9b-81d0-4ae9-b9e9-ef295428b8d4SELRES_589fb7d4-096d-4417-be01-fbd9bab659b1hould give something back.”
(Tony Walsh, Manchester Poet)